The company Marchhart GesmbH

The Marchhart metal products and service portfolio includes production of metal racks, table supporting frames, and metal components for office furnishings as well as modular laboratory furnishings and fittings systems. Additionally, individualised shuttering for concrete mould construction, such as for concrete staircases and central barrier elements on motorways have been manufactured for years. The third large product segment is Marchhart air filtering technology. This segment encompasses both individual components and overall complete solutions from consulting, design, planning and project management to manufacturing and final assembly including electrical installation, commissioning and on-site training. Operating theatres around the world have already been equipped with Marchhart air filtering technology. Marchhart operates dedicated sales offices in Germany and Sweden. Distribution partner networks in other European countries, in the middle East and Asia have been expanded in recent years. 


Johann Marchhart founded our company 1968 as a locksmith and blacksmith’s shop.

Currently the company is managed in the second generation by Johannes Marchhart supported by his three brothers, Thomas, Markus and Christoph. The third generation is already working at the company.

With three plants in Neudörfl in the province of Burgenland Marchhart GesmbH currently employs around 80 staff.

Our history

Company video: Marchhart from 1968 to now

The 60´s and 70´s

  • 1968 Establishment of the company by Mr Marchhart as locksmith and blacksmith’s shop. At that time in addition to forging focus was on production of scales and containers for weighing techniques.

  • 1976 Production of first concrete moulds for prefabricated concrete parts sector. The first metal components – mostly for the office furnishing industry – are manufactured.

The 80´s and 90´s

  • 1983 Extension of company premises by 15,000 m² with an office building and additional factory halls of around 1,800m².

  • 1985 Development of business in the field of office furnishings with the start of production of complete basic frames.

  • 1991 Extension with another factory hall with an area of 800m².

  • 1995 Development of machinery for working and processing of prefabricated concrete parts. Transformation of the sole proprietorship into a limited liability company.

  • 1996 Purchase of neighbouring plot with an additional area of 15,000m².

  • 1998 Manufacturing of compact components and housings for industrial filtering technology.

The 2000s

  • 2000 Development of a type-specific product portfolio for manufacturing for the healthcare, clean room and hygiene sectors.

  • 2002 Production of first reinforcement elements for central barrier manufacturing. Cooperation with Delta Bloc.

  • 2003 Another extension with a factory respectively storage hall; extension of the machinery with automated laser cutting equipment. Adaptation of the sales structure and start of direct marketing of the components.

  • 2006 Extension of the manufacturing area by 3,000m² including takeover of a powder coating plant.

The 2010s

  • 2010 Purchase of another manufacturing hall with 1,500m² and office building with 650m².

  • 2011 Award of the “Austria’s Leading Companies (ALC)” Burgenland prize.

  • 2012 Establishment of a sales office for air filtering technology (LFT) in Sweden.

  • 2014 Extending the LFT sales into Germany and launch of cooperation with LFT sales partners in France. Development of concrete shuttering system for prefabricated staircases.

  • 2015 Expansion of the LFT sales partner network into Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

  • 2016 Expansion of the LFT sales partner network into Asia including Singapore.

  • 2018 Extension of the machinery with a CNC bending machine from Trumpf.

  • 2019 We celebrate the 50-year company anniversary.

The 2020s

  • 2020 The construction of the new Marchhart Sheet Metal Center begins.

  • 2021 Full production launch in the new sheet metal center has started in May.