Environment & social responsibility

As a family business we not only act as a provider of jobs but are also aware of our social responsibilities toward our staff, our neighbourhood, and naturally the environment. We see ourselves as role models for future generations.

We attempt affecting nature as little as possible – we choose using environmentally friendly materials, economical use of natural resources, reduction of emissions, waste, and waste water, and work sustainably. Recycling has top priority for us.

We strive to design our products as homogenously as possible to be able to ensure them easily returning back to raw materials trading. Wherever feasible offcuts are returned into the material processing cycle.

Powders we use for coating are solvent-free, and therefore very environmentally friendly and cost-efficient. Any coating powder not applied to the work piece to be coated can simply be reused. This means that we achieve a nearly 100 percent rate of material utilisation.

Raising employee awareness of sustainable working practices and ongoing monitoring of all environmentally relevant processes within the company is for us an essential contribution to sustainability and environmental protection.

Where we indeed want to leave traces is the fauna – on the unused areas of our corporate premises we endeavour to do justice to nature and provide suitable homes not just for sheep but also some bee hives.

We also want to leave our mark on society. For us it is a matter of course to accept social responsibility and provide support wherever possible, including honorary organisations such as:
The volunteer fire brigade Neudörfl
Red Cross
Neudörfl parish
Burgenland police forces
Charities such as the Sterntalerhof children’s hospice or the Rotary Club
Regional sports clubs or music societies