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    Metal components for office furnishings

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    Metal components for laboratory furnishings

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    Air filtering technology

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Marchhart metal technologies - areas of application

Metal components for offices and laboratories in the B2B sector

The Marchhart metal products and services portfolio in the B2B sector is comprised of the production of metal racks, table supporting frames and metal components for office furnishings as well as modular laboratory furnishings systems.

The clean air technology portfolio ranges from individual components to comprehensive complex air filtering solutions.

In the office furnishings sector we have been manufacturing metal frames and individual metal elements for many years, together with our B2B customers developing new products all the way up to production maturity.

Instead of just stock items we create a special and individual product portfolio for each of our customers in the laboratory furnishings sector. The modular design of our metal components provides high levels of flexibility when furnishing laboratories, also allowing integration into existing laboratories.

Air filtering technology is another major business division at Marchart. We offer a comprehensive product portfolio starting from individual components all the way to demanding all-comprising solutions for clean rooms (in the medical, pharmaceutical, laboratory and industrial sectors). Operating theatres around the world are now equipped with Marchhart air filtering technology.

Marchhart - your reliable and competent B2B partner for all aspects of metal!

Metal technology - planning - Marchhart GesmbH

Everything from a single source

+ Professional advice and planning  
+ Long-standing expertise
+ Individual solutions addressing your requirements
+ Flexible product design
+ High product quality
+ Continuous product development in collaboration with our customers
+ Clear accountability toward our partners

Metal technology - manufacturing - Marchhart GesmbH

High manufacturing depth

+ State of the art machinery and equipment
+ CNC controlled processing centre
+ High proportion of in-house production 
+ Holistic manufacturing systems
+ Efficient order processing
+ Optimised production chain
+ Material-saving production methods
+ Shorter delivery times

Looking forward to a new challenge?

We accompany your project from the initial concept all the way through to completion. more

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We are closed from 23 December 2023 to 7 January 2024 and look forward to see you in January 2024!

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Johannes Marchhart congratulated them at our pre-Christmas end-of-year party.

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