For technically sophisticated solutions

Machinery & equipment

We have powerful state of the art machinery and equipment satisfying the highest technical and qualitative requirements.

Laser welding system TRUMPF TruLaser Weld 5000

The laser welding system has a two-metre-long turning positioner with a load capacity of up to 1,000 kilograms. Parts with dimensions of up to 2,000 millimetres in length, 1,200 millimetres in width and 600 millimetres in height can be welded automatically with the new system.
Three different laser welding methods are possible: heat conduction welding (joins thin-walled parts and produces seams with excellent surface quality), deep welding (high-strength, narrow and deep seams on thin as well as thick-walled sheets) and FusionLine process (joins components even if they have a slightly larger gap). It is even possible to switch between the laser welding methods while a component is being processed.

Bending cell TRUMPF TruBend Cell 7000

With the innovative TruBend Cell 7000 high-speed bending cell for automatic bending processing, we have a compact system for the highly dynamic and economical bending of small parts. All processes run safely and productively thanks to holistic solutions including software, sensor technology, material flow and state-of-the-art gripping technology.
Tools with ACB: TRUMPF sensor tools function according to the proven ACB measuring principle. Sensing discs, which are inserted into the tool mould, measure directly in the process zone. Like the standard tools of the TruBend Cell 7000, the sensor tools are also equipped with a chip.

Flatbed laser TRUMPF TruLaser 5030 fiber with STOPA storage system

The flatbed laser offers high processing speed and reproducible, high part quality even with complex contours. Thanks to the solid-state laser with up to 12 kW laser power, we achieve excellent feed rates. Clever assistance systems make the entire machining process more productive and reliable and ensure a smooth workflow. Operator involvement is low, non-productive times are minimal. 
In addition, the flatbed laser is directly connected to the STOPA storage system, which offers plenty of space for our raw sheets, finished parts, residual grids and pipe sections. But the STOPA large-scale storage system is more than just a material store: it takes over the extensive tasks of a logistics centre for our production. The entire material flow and stock management are computer-controlled. This makes it possible to easily and specifically control the operational process from the management of customer orders and purchasing processes to the delivery of the manufactured part.

Laser pipe cutter TRUMPF TruLaser Tube 5000

Our new pipe laser is used to process pipes in round, square and oval shape and has the advantage of allowing both cutting to length as well as contour cutting in a single operation. 3D data is used for programming meaning that complex geometries can be cut and any modifications quickly applied without any great effort or outlay. The new laser pipe cutter cuts pipes and profiles quickly and precisely and reduces processing times of sheet metal in particular. It is also equipped with a 3D swivel head allowing oblique cuts. The thread cutting unit takes over the insertion of threads and integrates another processing step into the workstream. The clamping technology allows production of pipes along the entire clamping area without retooling. Using modern sensor technology the solid state laser ensures optimal results and smooth processing.

Bending machine TRUMPF TruBend 5130

This bending machine is a productive all-rounder. From programming to setting up to the actual bending, it produces unrivalled productivity and represents another indispensible element for the production of complex and high quality sheet metal components. The operating software integrated in the machine creates bending programmes from provided data within seconds which can be simulated on the monitors in real time. The angle measurement systems integrated in the machine ensure exact manufacturing from the very first component and hence reduce the otherwise necessary manual angle measurements and corrections. By centrally providing the component data generated in the EDP based design the respective required machines are verified using a QR code on the sheet metal part hence eliminating the otherwise necessary programming times at each respective machine. 

CNC machining centre

The universal vertical milling machine CMX 800V, the "CNC machining centre", joins our machine park as another enormously versatile machine.
Due to the extensive 3D controls and technical solutions, the machining centre is characterised by high precision, productivity and reliability.
The direct path-measuring system in all 3 axes guarantees maximum accuracy, and the high-performance spindle enables even better cutting performance.
Thanks to the optimised design of the machine and the movable table as X-axis, loading workpieces is now even easier.

Powder coating machine

The powder coating machine is the heart of our plant 2. Here the steel parts of office and laboratory furnishings as well as air filtering technology receive their final colour coating. The individual parts are degreased and phosphated in the washing channel, dried and then automatically powder coated in the powder cabinet. Complex parts can be manually pre- respectively post powder coated. The coating is then baked in at approximately 200 degrees.
We are particularly proud of using virtually 100% of the materials, as any coating powder not applied to the work piece can simply be reused.