The new Marchhart sheet metal centre – always one step ahead!

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We are growing – a state-of-the-art sheet metal processing centre will go into operation in the course of 2021. The construction is cofinanced with funds from the European Regional Development Fund.

A total of about 7.5 million Euros will be invested in a new production hall and machinery. This is probably the largest and most far-reaching investment for the company but it is indispensible to lift production into the digital age and above all to make the company fit for the future. This project is financially supported by a corporate growth scheme through financing from the European Regional Development fund and subsidies from the Austrian federal government as well as the province of Burgenland.

The new sheet metal processing centre:
•    Production hall with an area of around 1,800 sqm 
•    Centralised, computer and robot assisted rack storage facility for sheet metal 
•    Connected flatbed laser cutting equipment
•    Robot-assisted sheet metal folding facility
•    Modern laser welding system 
•    Laser pipe cutting equipment
•    Additional office space, sanitary and social rooms 

The shedule:
•    Launch of construction: September 2020 
•    Completion of the hall: end of December 2020
•    Installation of the new machinery: January through May 2021 
•    Full production launch: May 2021

The new state-of-the-art machinery is intended to set new standards, in particular in folding and cutting of sheet metal. We also benefit from the digital developments of recent years in other areas: With a photovoltaic system for 100% self-consumption, we ensure energy-autonomous facility management for our sheet metal centre.

We are taking our products to a new level with everything interconnected with the digital world. An autonomous manufacturing network is being created by connecting the automated rack storage facility for sheet metal to the new laser equipment. The new Marchhart sheet metal centre – always one step ahead.

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