Our AIR FILTER TECHNOLOGY celebrates 20 years

|   Air filter technology

The festive mood was in the air! Because we celebrated extensively...

... with good food from the food truck, wine from Marchhart production, cocktails & other drinks. An anniversary cake was also not to be missed, Managing Director Johannes Marchhart officially cut it together with his brother Christoph (Managing Director of air filter technology). With sparkling wine, they toasted to 20 successful years and hoped that Marchhart air filtering technology would not run out of steam in the near future.

Some interesting facts:
20 years ago, the air filter technology department started with 3 employees and has since grown to almost 20 employees. But not only the number of staff has increased, the product range has also been steadily expanded. As a result, the order volume has increased continuously over the 20 years and Marchhart is now one of the leading suppliers of innovative air purification systems and supplies around 33 countries worldwide!

Top 1:
Our supply air pharmaceutical filter housings are by far the top seller, we have produced approx. 10,000 units in the last 20 years.

Top 2:
Approx. 1,500 fluff separators have already left our factory.

Top 3:
We have delivered approx. 1,250 supply air ceilings in the hospital and pharmaceutical sector.

Photos: Marchhart