Laser pipe cutter

|   Metal

Since early October 2020 our modern machinery at Marchhart has been extended with a solid state laser.

This new pipe laser is used to process pipes in round, square and oval shapes and has the advantage of allowing cutting to length as well contour cutting in a single operation. The new laser pipe cutter thereby extends the range of possible parts, cutting pipes and profiles quickly and precisely, and reducing processing times of sheet metal in particular. It is equipped with a 3D swivel head allowing oblique cuts.

The thread cutting unit hence integrates another processing step into the work process. we can simultaneously insert up to eight thread cutting tools into the standard-conformal tool holder. The open design makes the machine optimally accessible and the clamping technology allows production of pipes along the entire clamping area without retooling. Using modern sensor technology the solid state laser ensures optimal results and smooth processing.

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