100 years of craft tradition

|   Metal

The focus is a very special gift with a long history

On the occasion of the celebration "100 years of craftsmanship tradition" of our neighbor, the company Brix Zaun in Neudörfl, we thought of a special gift. The connection between our two companies goes back to the apprenticeship of our senior boss Johann Marchhart 70 years ago. During this time he received an anvil from his master, Mr. Johann Velikay, the founder and grandfather of Reinhard Tiess, the current owner and managing director of Brix Zaun.

Our senior boss did not simply want to return the antique piece to the Tiess family in memory of the company's founder, but had it restored to its former glory.

This anvil, which must already be several centuries old and is used for forging, stands on a column, entwined by the secret landmark of Neudörfl, a vine - designed and forged from fire and iron by the senior of the company Marchhart Johann Marchhart in months of manual work.